Beautiful. Her skin has such an amazing color. Oh my godddddd.

I love myself. I love the way I am. But I’ve always wanted darker skin. Darker tones just have SO MUCH richness and to me… 99% of the time it is so much more interesting and unique. Not that light skin is not beautiful or unique… but I guess i am just sick of it? Does this make any sense? Haha 


Jeremy Sons

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Damn lean

:3 poop. I wanna eat everything in sight. poop.


i’m going to be dead fucking serious for a minute okay listen to me

do not starve yourself

do not skip meals to lose weight

do not compromise your health and well being to fit into a smaller size it will not make you happy it will just make things worse and it spirals out of control so much faster than you think it will and it will continue to impact your life long after please please please take my word for it

I got a laptop! but im sick…Haven’t been able to work out since Monday uhghghghggh last know weight was 190!~

“Katniss is very skinny… How much do you weigh?”